Why I’m Here

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I am a mom, a wife, a daughter and a sister. I own a web design and internet marketing company and life is just so busy.  I thought about this website for a long time and one day when I had a few minutes, I bought the domain TheNonGMOMom.com and as soon as I bought the domain, I couldn’t wait to get started.  For about 2 years now, I’ve been buying organic foods for my family.  I used to think it was nuts- paying extra for something that looked the same as the conventional fruits and vegetables. Then I did some research one day and realized how many chemicals and toxins were in the apples I was cutting up for my daughter.  The way I started to look at it was that almost everyone in my family, except for my father has died from cancer and I wanted to give my kids an extra boost to keep their little bodies healthy.

It started with organic apples, then organic milk, then I switched to the “Dirty Dozen” and made all of those purchases organic.  It’s been about two years now and every day I learn more and more about the toxins in our food.  I’m shocked and amazed at what our government allows us as consumers to eat- and then on top of that, they refuse to require manufacturers to tell us just what it is that’s in the food we are buying and feeding to our children and families.  The word “Monsanto” make me cringe.  Not just because of the products they franken-engineer, but because of the way they treat farmers, because of the lawsuits they file against small business owners, because of the countless senators and media they have in their pockets.

My husband didn’t really understand what I was doing when I first “went organic”, all he saw was that our grocery bills went up quite a bit, but he was nonetheless supportive of what I was doing.  After two years he has heard my rants, eaten my cooking, and helped our kids start to understand why we eat what we eat and do what we do.  He even helped me build a big, beautiful organic garden in our backyard. It’s been an exciting time and every day we discover more and more about why we want to avoid GMOs and only buy organic, sustainable food.  We have realized that despite what the government does, says and enforces, there are ways to know what it is we’re feeding our family.  We certainly are not perfect, we don’t always eat organic and non-GMO, but we try.  And most importantly, we’re teaching our children what it means to grow our own food, avoid bad things, and how to become independent thinkers.

I’m frustrated for so many reasons by all the things GMO stands for.  This website is a way for me to vent my frustrations and hopefully help other families learn some of the things I’ve learned to help move towards a non-GMO, organic, healthier lifestyle.  As all things in my life tend to end up, this website might be a little unorganized, it might have a few rants and raves, and it most definitely will get off topic here and there with some humor, but it’s built with good- no, GREAT intentions to spread the word about making life better for our families.