Where to Buy Non-GMO & Organic

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Many people go to their local grocery stores and see the costs associated with buying non-GMO or organic and are immediately turned off. I was one of them! I couldn’t believe the price my local grocery store was charging per pound for organic broccoli! Luckily, the costs associated with these products has gone down a bit at the bigger chain grocery stores, and they’ve also begun to provide better produce and better non-GMO selections and prices.

As you might know by now, we don’t always buy non-GMO, but I do try to always buy organic when I can. There are still some things like 8 oz bricks of organic cheddar cheese that sell for $5.49 that I just can’t stomach paying for when the conventional store brand cheese is $1.99 for the same amount. That’s a huge difference, and I know the cost of the cheese should pale in comparison to the health benefits and (let’s face it) taste of the organic cheese, but I just can’t do it. If it’s on sale, you can bet it’s in the cart, but at full price with markup, I’ll stick with either buying the conventional if I really need it, or doing without.

I’ll be posting my favorite products and organic buys here and adding some deals and coupons and discount codes that will help you get quality organic and non-GMO products, but at a savings you can manage within your weekly grocery budget. I use a combination of my local grocery stores, Whole Foods, and online health stores like Nutiva to help fulfill my needs for non-GMO and organic products. I work a lot and take care of two small children, so my time is limited- I don’t have time to go to 3 different stores to get all the products I need, so I’ve come up with a method to the madness that helps save time and keep costs down. Stay tuned!