Weight Loss

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Yep- I’ve got two small children. I’ve been pregnant 4 times in the last 6 years. I had one miscarriage and lost twins at about 7 months pregnant to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome- a nasty, horrible, terrible unfortunate disease that my twin girls had. That’s another blog post, but to get back on subject, I have baby weight from 4 pregnancies that I’ve been holding on to like a fat girl hangs on to chocolate cake! Never let go! 😉 Just teasing- I’ve been trying like crazy for the last 4 months to lose this weight and have started to succeed!

I started with Atkins- which was fun, we love red meat!! My husband and I did one month (yes- he did it with me!) of Atkins and we both lost a few pounds. I would have kept going with Atkins, but it’s near impossible to cook an Atkins diet with two small children who thrive on carbs. We ended up stopping and looked into Weight Watchers. After three months of being on Weight Watchers, I was down about 12 pounds- which I considered a huge success. The biggest problem I found with my Weight Watchers diet was that I had to use low fat, reduced fat and other “chemical shit-storm” made foods to meet my points each day. As a mom who was also cooking for her family, I was feeding those chemicals to my children and that wasn’t going to fly for long. It was at this point that I really started paying attention to labels and what I was putting in our mouths. Things like carageenan, nitrates, artificial sweeteners, sodium benzoate and other horrible chemicals were becoming staples in the foods I made and served to my family! These chemicals can cause cancer, infertility and even WEIGHT GAIN! So I decided that I needed to adjust my Weight Watchers attitude and food and start cooking healthier. It was at this point that I realized, I didn’t need to diet, I just needed to eat better and the weight continues to come off.

It’s a lifestyle, and it’s not perfect- I still have some food in the cabinets and fridge that have GMOs, it’s a really hard thing to figure out and manage- especially for a family. But, I am committed to getting there and I committed to looking and feeling better about myself and I’m going to share my stories along the way!