The Beginning Of An Organic Garden

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We did it! We started an organic garden! Aside from my children, it’s one of my proudest accomplishments! I’ve documented and taken pictures and I’m going to share it with you as it grows and I hope you try it too and share it with me!

organic-raised-garden-bedWe started at the end of April by tearing down an old shed in our backyard. It was nothing but a junk collector and took up a huge corner of our backyard. After (my husband) tore down the shed, we started laying out a plan. My husband (an engineer) drew it up exactly as I had imagined it and by the first weekend in May 2013, we had a beautiful cedar lattice fence built and sturdily in the ground. We built an L-Shaped raised garden bed in the corner of it that measures about 2 1/2 feet deep by 5 feet wide on each side of the “L” shape.’

We started our seeds in Dixie Cups- this goes to show you that I’m not perfect, as I’m not sure exactly how healthy those Dixie Cups were to help start our seeds, but they worked great! After two weeks, we had almost 90 organic plants started and sprouting in our Dixie Cups. Our daughters helped plant, water and watch our seeds grow and it was a great activity to work together on.

We used compost that we bought from Whole Foods and mixed it in with organic soil to fill the raised beds. As our seeds germinated and grew a bit, they were replanted in our new organic garden beds and are still growing!!! It’s so exciting to walk out to my backyard each day and see how my fruits and vegetables grew each night and day. Right now, we have radishes about 2 weeks away from being harvested! It’s going to be our first vegetable we can harvest from the new garden, and I am beyond excited- probably more excited than I should be, but I grew those radishes with my own two hands! I planted, built, fertilized and tended to them and it WORKED! I will report back immediately at our first “harvest” and post pictures!

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