It’s almost that time of year again! School lunches, losing my school spirit & a GIVEAWAY!

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Good God. It’s almost that time of year again. I’m torn between being SO EXCITED THEY ARE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! ANNNDDDD….

Oh God- we have to start waking up early again, making school lunches, remembering forms, doing their hair for crazy hair day, doing homework, forgetting to do homework, forgetting lunches and permission slips at home and me having to run them to school in my pajamas 5 MINUTES AFTER I DROPPED HER OFF, Girl Scout Meetings, dance classes, remembering which days are social service club, remembering to pick the child up at the right time after said social service club, Pumpkin night, volunteering for Pumpkin night, volcanoes, Sign Up Genius emails, PTA Meetings, Spirt WEEK, color themed clothing for Spirit Day…

AHHH! Don’t even get me started about Spirit Week. I’m all for school spirit, but does the PTA realize what a pain in the ass it is to get each kid a different colored shirt for each day of the week? My kids (both girls) do not have a lot of clothes that are not pink and purple. And each year, I have to run out (the night before because.. procrastination) and go get them a new stupid $20 green shirt, because last year’s green shirt didn’t fit anymore, and this one won’t fit next year, so I’ll start the cycle over again each year. And I won’t be able to save and reuse it for my younger kiddo, because I’ll have lost it by the time she needs it.  And repeat this each day for blue, and red shirt days. By the end of the week, I literally have no spirit left, except the one in my cocktail glass.

But, there will be several glorious hours each day, where the house will be clean and quiet. I think it’s all worth it… Right? Maybe not, but it is what it is.  So for those of you who have started getting ready for back to school and for those of us who wait until the night before, if you’re thinking about making school lunches, or you know you will have to think about it soon when school starts, one of my all time favorite things to use in school lunches are those little stainless steel containers. I love them. I use them for lunch meat, sandwiches, fruit, pretzels, cheese, you name it. And they are tiny, so they fit perfectly in the Supergirl lunch box my 5 year old HAD TO HAVE. 🙂 See? I’m not a total procrastinator, I bought her lunch box already! Progress. 🙂 But seriously, finding things that they will eat, that are healthy- hopefully non-gmo and organic, and will last until they get to the lunch room each day, can be a real challenge! Keeping things cold and not smashed- this one is really important, my kids won’t eat a smashed sandwich or grape- can be really hard! Having the right containers really helps. Now if only I could remember to wash them ahead of time…

This post is not sponsored by anybody, I just really like these containers. And, to celebrate or make it a little easier for one of you parents who will soon be suffering the “back-to-school oh my god I’m losing my shit'”-itis, I’m giving away a 3 set of these stainless steel containers for you to use in your kiddo’s lunchbox and at least your kid’s lunch will look good, if you remember to make it, and send it to school with them… But seriously, I have both the UKonserve and the Mira containers, and I love them so much. I’ve had some of each brand, for at least 2 years, and they are still going strong, with almost daily use. I have some other littler containers too that I use for dressing and stuff, and they are the best. I’ll give some of those away another day!

Leave a comment on this blog post, or on the pinned post on my FB page for your chance to win a set of these awesome stainless steel lunch box containers OR these if you’re into some pastels! Make sure you leave your color choice in the comment! And please- share your secrets for what you to for school lunches to make a healthy lunch, that doesn’t make you insane preparing it, and one your kid still wants to eat… Please! Give me ideas! I’m going to need them this year! And here’s hoping you don’t find any of those little stainless steel containers sitting in a backpack growing new mold colonies this year.


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