Sow This! The Story of an Organic and Non-GMO Mom’s Garden

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Aside from my kids, my garden is my greatest accomplishment. I chose to start a garden for many reasons- growing my own Non-GMO fruits and vegetables, to feed my kids organic, toxin free food, and to create something beautiful and useful in the back of my yard.

Here's the boxes, we lined them with a BPA free liner. (I got lazy and didn't line all of the wine boxes)

Here’s the boxes, we lined them with a BPA free liner. (I got lazy and didn’t line all of the wine boxes)

My garden started as an idea in my head. It was a dream more than anything, I never expected it to turn out as successful and beautiful as it did. Up until I started my garden, I had 4 houseplants that just managed to hang on. No green thumb for me- not in the least, but I decided that this was something I firmly believed in and because I wanted it badly enough, I could make it work. I’m lucky to have a husband who’s a civil engineer and also really loves me. 🙂 He took my idea (as the only one who can actually see what it is I am picturing in my head) and ran with it. He built it, and made it exactly like I wanted.

I described to him what I wanted- I wanted cedar, fencing, raised beds (to outsmart the bunnies!) and lots of plants. We had an old, ugly, disgusting shed in the corner of our backyard- the best spot with prime sunshine. Before I knew it, he tore down our old shed and we were clearing out the debris. He drew up a picture of what he thought I wanted (nailed it!) and we headed to the hardware store to buy the cedar. We factored in cost, and with all the cedar, it added up quickly, but we knew that this would be an investment in our future. It was important to us to not buy any kind of treated wood, so we went with untreated cedar.

While he was working up the measurements, I decided I needed to get my plants in order so they’d have time to grow. It took a lot of research, as it was super important that my plants were non-GMO and organic. And even though I didn’t (don’t) have a green thumb, I needed to make sure we were able to reap some kind of harvest from this garden which we’re putting so much time, effort and money into. After my research and reading tons of reviews, I decided to go with They were listed on the top of many organic gardener’s lists and had a great reputation for organic and Non-GMO seeds. When I went on their website, I was stoked to see their first link on their website to read “What is GMO?”. After reading their content to find that they were people who thought like me, had great reviews and a huge variety of seeds, I knew I was in the right spot. So I placed my order- and sat by the mailbox waiting for my new “babies”.


SeedsNow Packets- so pretty!

SeedsNow Packets- so pretty!

When they came, I was like a kid on Christmas. I don’t think I ever had been so excited, ever, to get something in the mail. They came in an envelope and each seed was in it’s own little packet with an expiration date, seed germination percentage, picture and name. I decided to start my garden in dixie cups, since my loving husband was out in the backyard sawing cedar. So I grabbed my Moo-Nure (organic locally grown manure), my organic soil and some dixie cups. I’m sure dixie cups weren’t the best choice to get started, but it worked.

Even though I only spent about $35 on seeds, I had received a TON of different kinds of organic seeds and soon had a huge table filled with planted seeds. I was determined to make these guys grow- no matter what. For the first 2-3 weeks, I watered them with a tiny watering can- getting the right amount in each one. Each night I went outside and checked them over and (I admit) I talked to them… 🙂

They must have liked what I had to say, because pretty soon they were sprouting. As they were sprouting, we were finishing up our garden beds. Once our beds were in place and ready, we took the dixie cups and figured out the plan for planting our massive garden. My mom came over and gave me some pointers on how to spread out the clusters of seeds that had sprouted so they would last longer (best gardening tip ever- thanks Mom!). We planted them, and here we are! We have a garden! A beautiful, productive, organic, non-GMO garden.

The Arugula were the first seeds to sprout.

The Arugula were the first seeds to sprout.

I never thought that I could do this, never in a million years, but my motivation was knowing that what I was eating was safe and healthy- and Non-GMO. You don’t need to get crazy, you don’t need to make it huge, or everything you dreamed for, you can start small. And once you realize you can do it, you’ll want to do more! I plan on adding on to my garden each year and building new beds around the yard.

Funny enough, a few weeks ago, got a hold of me after seeing website.  They have generously offered up some gift cards that we’re going to be giving away on Facebook shortly.  Head over there and find out how to grab one.  And if you’re ready to buy your non-GMO, organic seeds, click here and use the coupon code ORGANICMOM10 to save 10% on your next order from SeedsNow!  And don’t forget to share your pictures! I’d love to see them! Head over to my Facebook page and post them!


Here’s some pictures of the journey- click on them to see the slideshow.

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