Homemade Perfume (And air freshener, headache remedy, and mood booster too!)

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It was my husband’s birthday last weekend and he wanted some new cologne. It’s not something that I would normally buy for him, but he specifically asked for a special kind. So I grabbed the girls headed to the department store and proceeded to spend an hour smelling different colognes trying to remember the name of the cologne he wanted.

As you learn more about me, you’ll quickly find out that I have the world’s most sensitive nose- I can smell anything and everything- it’s awful. More on that later, but I really can’t handle those chemically heavy smells like cleaning supplies and perfumes. They give me headaches, make me nauseous and just plain make me crazy. In my quest to avoid these smells, I realized the danger of the chemicals that are in these products and decided that this was a great way to avoid breathing in more chemicals. 

So- even though I’m not a huge fan, I decided to give in since my husband is an awesome guy who rarely asks for anything. The sales people were trying very hard to help me figure out the name of the fragrance (I still couldn’t think of it!), and were asking questions like “What kind of cologne does he wear now?” and “What kind of perfume do you wear?” And my answers were- he doesn’t and I don’t. I told them I was “Anti-Chemical” and that I wore essential oils and they looked at me like I was a granola eating hippie.  But really, I do wear essential oils and to me, they are the greatest smell ever.  And I don’t consider myself a hippie, but I do love them!

Hippie or not, I make my own “perfume” and I wanted to share it with you. Instead of spending the $85 on cologne and perfume, you can make your own and save some money and your health. And instead of causing headaches, it actually helps make them go away.  I spray some on my daughter’s wrists and dab it on her temples when she gets a headache and spray it in the air when I need a “pick me up”.

Here’s how I make it:

You need a dark spray bottle. I used an old Amber tinted spray bottle that I had bought some organic spray in a few months ago, and just made my spray in that bottle. You need the tinted container to keep your oils from going bad- so make sure you have that tinted bottle. You can get them online or at stores like Hobby Lobby.  My new mission is to find antique containers, jars and perfume bottles at the millions of garage and estate sales we go to.  I’ve found about 10 containers in the last month at garage sales and I’ve spent maybe $4 total on all of them.  They are pretty, and they come in handy for preserving all the homemade beauty recipes!

In the bottle, I mixed

1/2 cup purified water

2 tablespoons of organic sunflower oil  (You can also use organic olive oil)

And about 6 drops each of:

organic lime essential oil,

organic ginger essential oil,

organic lemon essential oil,

organic sweet orange essential oil

organic bergamot oil

organic ylang ylang oil

Shake them up and put them in a spray bottle.  If you want the scent to stick around longer when you use it, you can add a little bit of glycerin which you can get at stores like Whole Foods and online.  Make sure you buy the organic glycerin- it’s a soy derivative and is more likely to be GMO!

If you don’t mind just a quick burst of these smells when you spray the bottle, this recipe is perfect.  It’s more of a healthy air freshener I guess than a perfume. Wanting the smell to stick around a bit longer, I decided to add some vodka to the mix.  I added about a 1/3 cup of Kettle One Vodka to the mix.  It lasts a little bit longer when you wear it and the smell of the essential oils is more intensified in the vodka.

Essential oils can get expensive, but they will last a while if you keep them in a cool, dark place. You don’t need to use a lot- a little goes a very long way. And please remember- some essential oils are not safe during pregnancy, so if you’re making a batch, check with your doctor first to make sure the oils you are using are safe for your baby.

Although I do love the smell of my spray, I am still working on one for my husband that he’ll want to wear.  I’m going to be practicing – I’ll let you know how it turns out!


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