Homemade Chemical Free Deodorant

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Every day we’re putting toxic chemicals under our arms, next to our breasts. If we’re predisposed in any way to breast cancer (and even if we’re not), putting these cancer causing chemicals on our skin every day has to be a horrible idea- right? Proven or not, I’ve decided not to take any chances.

I decided to wage my own war against breast cancer and deodorant- by making my own. It was my first foray into making my own beauty products- and it worked! I made it- and it really works! It’s amazing! At first I wanted to make the deodorant and somehow reuse my old deodorant containers and after spending a week trying to get the lid off the top of the deodorant container, I decided to head to the fabric store and just buy a glass jar.

Here’s what I did:

Homemade Organic, All Natural DeodorantIn my new glass jar (40% off with a coupon from Joann Fabrics- ended up costing seventy five cents!) I mixed arrow root powder (get this at Whole Foods- a huge bag is somewhere around $6) baking soda, and melted coconut oil. I put the coconut oil in a pan, heated it for about 1 minute and it was a thick liquid consistency. Now, I don’t have an exact amount of each item- it depends on the size of your container and your preference for how you like your deodorant. I mixed about 1/2 arrowroot and 1/2 baking soda and added the coconut oil to the mixture and stirred until it became the consistency of yogurt (sounds gross- but it’s the best comparison I could come up with!). Then I added about 8 drops of lime essential oil and stirred some more. It smelled AMAZING and it only took me about 2 minutes to make. (If you have sensitive skin, cut way back on the baking soda and add more arrowroot. Baking soda can irritate skin.)

The next morning, when I went to use it, I had forgotten the coconut oil would harden and it was more like a stick deodorant than anything, which wasn’t going to work since I had it in a jar… I added a little more coconut oil and it was good to go. It works great- sometimes, on a hot day, you might want to re-apply, but it works just as good as the Dove deodorant I used to use. I just use a dime-size dollop, but you’ll figure out what works for you.

My pretty, inexpensive jar!

My pretty, inexpensive jar!

And there you have it, all natural, chemical free, homemade, inexpensive deodorant. I have even put it on with a black shirt and when I’ve gotten it on my shirt, I just take a baby wipe to it and it’s gone. And, not that it would taste really good, but you can actually eat it. How many people can say that they can eat their deodorant?


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