Every Once In A While Is Okay- But Not When It Turns Into All The Time

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My 6 year old is one of those kids that seems much older than she actually is. She acts more like a 13 or 14 year old (most of the time!). I think part of that is that she was an only child until she was 5, so she had mostly adults around her to talk with. The other part of it is that she’s constantly thinking about things and how they work, what makes something go, why someone thinks something… You name it and those wheels always seem to be spinning in her head.  I think that’s a positive quality for someone to have. In my mind, it gives you perspective and empathy and those are definite qualities I want my children to have and use.

So because of this, my 6 year old going on 13 year old rationalizes things all the time. She’ll say typical kid things like “Well, it’s okay to have ice cream today, because yesterday we didn’t have any.” Or “Mom, yesterday I cleaned my room, so today I shouldn’t have to.”  And “I made my bed, and loaded the dishwasher, so you should give me $5 dollars.”

And then one day, out of her smart little mouth (and I mean that in the sweetest way possible) she goes “Well, if we don’t eat GMOs all the time, then it’s okay if we have them every once in a while, right Mom?” Right kiddo. She knows I can’t completely eliminate GMOs from everything- things like Halloween candy, classroom treats, birthday parties, occasional treats in the house, Grandma’s house… 🙂 So I went along with that.

We have come to live on a “every once in while, it’s okay” mentality. But here’s the thing: It’s no longer an “every once in a while” thing- it’s a many times a day thing. GMOs are freaking everywhere and I just can’t keep up. They’re even hiding out in foods that I thought for sure were safe.

Take Pirate’s Booty for example. I LOVE Pirate’s Booty. It’s always been my go-to snack, and my kids have an equal passion for it. And for some reason, I thought it was non-GMO. It’s sold in health food stores and aisles all over the place. The bag says things like “All Natural” and “Baked” and “Gluten free” and even me- the label reader and GMO food skeptic that I am, kind of assumed they were non-GMO. My mistake. Their website even says they DO contain GMOs. And now I think of all the times that I let my kids gorge on them, and how much MONEY I’ve spent on Pirate’s Booty over the years thinking they were a healthy alternative to Cheetos and other junk, and then I get really mad!  What the hell Pirate’s Brands? That’s pretty sneaky! Can’t you remove GMOs from your “All Natural” snacks??

And they’re not the only ones. There’s tons of companies out there that use these deceitful labeling tricks to get us to think their products are healthy when in fact, they’re downright terrible for you.

Anyways- back to my point- It seems like our mentality of only having GMOs once in a while, has backfired because they are in everything.  Try as I do to make sure they’re not in the food I cook and feed my family, they seem to always be sneaking in!  I’m glad to see companies like Post and Cheerios are taking steps forward to remove GMOs, but honestly, I feel it’s just a marketing scheme. If they were really trying to make a difference, they’d remove them from ALL their products, not just one.

So now, our family (to their slight disappointment) is cutting back on “Once in a While” to hardly ever. They’re not really happy about it, but I’m the Non-GMO Mom- I have to try this. Right? We are not buying or eating anything with GMOs from now on. Not a single thing. We are going to live truly GMO free in our house. Not that we weren’t trying before, but it’s serious now, I’m fighting back. You hear that Pirate’s Booty? You are about to lose some serious sales from me! But, go Non-GMO and I’m back in a heartbeat. I am going to miss you.

Wish me luck!

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