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Well, I wouldn’t consider myself beautiful, but I have considered all the things I used to use to try to make myself beautiful. I used to use 24 products each DAY just to get myself ready to go out the door. The ingredients in each product were toxic to both me and the environment. I decided to start making a change when it came to the products and ingredients I was putting in my body and on my children.

We started by switching to paraben and sulfate free shampoos and conditioners like Kiss My Face, 100% Pure (They have the most amazing Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream! ) Alba Botanical, and Burt’s Bee’s (for the kids) Shampoos and Conditioners. I love the smell of them and they clean and condition hair just as well, if not better than the conventional shampoos and conditioners. But it didn’t stop there.

100 Percent Pure

After my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I started looking into things that might contribute to breast cancer. She is young, super energetic and looks and acts like she’s a 40 year old. (She’s past 40, but I won’t tell you how old she is so she doesn’t get mad when she reads this!). We have a huge history of cancer in our families, but not breast cancer, so there had to have been something else that contributed to it. Things like BPA, Aluminum and GMOs came to mind and it’s my belief that these were a contributing factor to it.

One of the first things I found was the dangers of deodorant and antipersperant. If you think about it, it’s something women and men use every day- sometimes several times a day. I decided that I should give a shot at some natural, organic and chemical free deodorant. It was my first foray into making my own beauty products. After pouring through recipes for homemade deodorant, I decided on my first recipe for my homemade deodorant. You can read more about that here, but to sum it up, it turned out PERFECTLY!!! Maybe aside from having my children and getting married, it was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done! Well, maybe not quite up there, but I was so excited when it turned out and smelled like coconut and lime, worked amazingly well and felt just like the old deodorant I used to use. I think my husband thought I was crazy when I got as excited as I did, but it worked! And he even tried it. One of these days though, I need to make a man’s natural deodorant for him- he’s not big on smelling like lime and coconuts. 🙂

I’ll also be posting soon about the amazing homemade coconut lime body butter I made. It’s made from Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and a few other goodies that will make your skin softer and healthier than it’s ever been! And even better is that it cost literally pennies to make a huge batch of it.

So follow along as I chronicle my journey on creating healthier beauty products for my family and hopefully you can make them too- they’re easy- I promise!

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