An Open Letter To People Who Think I’m The Crazy Non-GMO Lady

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Dear Parents, Grandparents, Friends, Teachers, and anyone else who thinks I’m crazy about GMOs-

I am writing this letter to let you know that I don’t judge you. I promise. I don’t place judgement on you for feeding your kids Cheerios and Goldfish crackers. I don’t mind that you feed my kids GMO foods at birthday parties once in a while. I don’t think you’re a bad parent or neighbor because you bought Snickers Bars and M&M’s and handed them out to the kids on Halloween. I don’t look down on you for using conventional shampoos and lotions, and I don’t care if you don’t buy organic produce for your family. It’s your decision to do those things.

I buy organic food because it has less pesticides and chemicals that would make their way into my kids tiny little bodies. I avoid GMOs as much as possible because Science and yes- even Monsanto has yet to prove that they are safe. And- the few studies they’ve done on GMOs show that they may be linked to infertility, cancer, and a host of other things I would like to avoid if I can.  And I only buy paraben and phthalate free shampoos, lotions and conditioners because they also have less chemicals proven to do damage to our bodies.

Am I completely obsessed and maybe a little crazy about not buying GMOs and not exposing my kids to pesticides? Yes, a little bit. But it’s a different kind of crazy. My family has an immense history with cancer and as a parent, I feel that it’s my job to make every effort I can to help protect my kids against these things. But I’ve said before I’m not perfect. I can’t always avoid the drive thru, I don’t always buy organic, and (Gasp!) sometimes (once in a long while!) I even take my kids to McDonalds. Yes- I said it. I don’t want them to miss out on everything their friends think of as “normal”. As my 6 year old tells me- “once in a while isn’t all that bad.”

So I ask you, keeping all those things in mind, please don’t judge me.

I see you look at me funny when you look at the things in my shopping cart. I see the look in your eyes when you find out how much I spend on groceries. I see the glances you throw at me at your kids birthday party as the kids are gobbling down sugary-GMO laced cake. And I am tired of feeling guilty about it. I am tired of being afraid to tell my new friends or parents at my kid’s school about my website and that I’m the “Non-GMO Mom”. I am tired of wondering what the teachers think about some of the lunches I pack my kids. And I am tired of worrying about what other people think when my daughter tells other people she tries not to eat GMOs and explains what GMOs are. There’s too many crazy looks and I’m kinda over it.

So that is why I’m writing this letter to you today. You can judge me for what you want, it’s a free world (sorta), but I am no longer going to feel bad about doing things that I know are in the best interest of my family. And before you judge someone, you should look into the facts about why they are doing what they’re doing- you might just want to try it too. And you might just be glad you did.

I’m here to tell other people about GMOs and help spread the word about the dangers that Monsanto and other companies like them may be exposing us to. I’m here to let others know about dangers they might not otherwise know about. I’m here in hopes that one day, GMOs and all the other crap that’s in our food, are eliminated so that I can take my kids to McDonald’s and give them Cheerios and Doritos without feeling so damn guilty. That’s not the only reason, but hopefully you get my drift.

But right here, right now, I’m here to tell my story. And from now on, I won’t just tell it on my blog. I’m going to tell everyone. You can think what you want.


The Non-GMO Mom




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